Who is andy roddick dating 2016

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So I think American tennis fans, especially on the men’s side, have been spoiled in the best possible way. It’s the most excited I’ve been about a group of guys in the same age group. I mean, you got Ashe and Stan Smith, into Connors, into Mc Enroe, into Agassi and Sampras, Courier, Chang . In three years, I think the rhetoric will be a lot different around American men’s tennis. Probably the last final against Roger [Federer] in 2009, Wimbledon, for a lot of reasons. a month later after having not played, and the amount of support I got after that match was different than any time before that in my career. Then there is Jack Sock, a 19 year-old who reached the third round here before going down to Almagro. American men’s tennis has suffered a nine-year drought since Roddick’s 2003 US Open (the last slam to be won by an American man).

But the volley was erratic and the two-fisted backhand lacked the smoothness of a Murray or a Novak Djokovic. Roddick’s shoes have been decorated with the stars and stripes for this, his last tournament. Roddick himself has been giving plenty of help and encouragement to 20-year-old Ryan Harrison, but he seems to lack a killer shot.

And I had more fun playing that summer after that match and interacting with people than I did in my entire career.

Let’s talk about what's on everyone’s minds: Serena. I grew up with her, from when we’re 8, 9, and 10 years old, so to kind of see what she was when we were kids and now, she’s become this icon.

Like another American tennis giant, John Mc Enroe, he is considerably sharper and smarter than most of the people who seek to interview him. His most famous rant came at the Australian Open four years ago, when he spent a good minute berating the umpire before turning to the crowd and quipping, “Stay in school, kids, or you’ll end up being an umpire”.

Like Mc Enroe, as well as Andre Agassi, Roddick mixed with – and dated – showbiz celebrities.

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