Who is brian kennedy dating

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Aprez-ski cuddle: Trevor and Kerry, here in Park City, Utah in 2012, are avid skiers.Trevor has also joined the Kennedy clan at their Hyannis Port, Mass.Asked about being a straight man playing a gay character, Donovan said at the time: 'It’s been good for me. They kind of assume I’m gay in real life and want to change me back.Of course I let them.'While there's no suggestion they're anything other than very close friends - Donovan has been tweeting recently about going on a series of blind dates - Kennedy family members worry that Kerry’s relationship with Donavan could spark additional censure for the controversial family.retreat and he's considered an honorary member of the family The niece of President John F.

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After witnessing Justin's prom bashing, Brian is traumatized.

Despite Brian's seemingly uncaring and amoral nature, he is shown as loving his friends and often makes great sacrifices for them, even though he won't admit that he cares for them.

He plans a wedding for Lindsay and Melanie after theirs falls apart; he gives up his parental rights to Gus, so that Melanie and Lindsay will reunite in the first season.

Because of the simultaneousness of these two pivotal events, Brian often associates Gus with Justin, referring to both as "sonny boy." During the first season, his relationship with Justin is unclear.

Brian hates the idea of couples but breaks his own rules for Justin, unable to resist the pull he feels towards him.

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