Who is deryck whibley dating 2016

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Avril Lavigne just took the next step in making her separation from Deryck Whibley legal; she filed for divorce from her husband of 3 years in an LA court Friday, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She is asking for a ruling to block the Sum 41 singer from receiving spousal support.

Avril split from Deryck in September but insisted their break-up was amicable.

Because being with the three girls is great, but they have their own thing, they do their own thing, they have their girl time. It originated as Deep House, and then Future House is kind of a more upbeat techno version of Deep House, so Future House is kind of the more fun, lively [music] that you’ll hear in most concerts. I’m a very EDM [electronic dance music] and Deep House-based artist. Because eventually, in the future, my path in the industry is moving on to producing and writing and directing. So getting some of my own stuff done now I think will help. I think it’s one of the most important things when it comes to a script, is figuring out the title, because that’s what’s going to draw the audience in, draw what they’re going to see. I’ve actually given my script to some of our writers and they’ve given me their feedback, and it’s definitely helped, because I can see where their points of view are coming from and it’s moving my mind in the directions that I’m wanting it to go, which is cool.

For me, I grew up going to Catholic schools, just regular elementary schools, and then I went to a Catholic high school. I wanted to get into doing theatre and doing the stage stuff, but I never had the confidence to get up onstage and think, “Okay, I have one shot to do this.

He produced for No Warning with the company as well.

Since parting ways with Greig Nori, he sold his part of the company in early 2005.

Dale's ambitious personality and outgoing attitude is what lead Dale into booking over 12 commercials in less then 6 months. I was such an energetic kid, I was crazy, people always thought I had way too much energy. So I think performing was the right direction for me, and the most sensible direction that I would go in for a career.

After taking a few years off from the industry Dale is back stronger then ever and has recently been booked in a mini series called Canadian Made, and you'll catch him on the new up and coming TV series Life with Boys. Dale's other interests are of an athletic nature and include, but are not limited to, Hockey, Golf and Basketball. He saw the girls’ vision, he saw the vision of what the band could be before anybody else did, and he brings his EDM flair to their poppy voices. I hadn’t really thought of doing anything [else] – I don’t want to sit at a desk, I want to express myself and perform.

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