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The reason I moved back to CA was because it’s where I think I belong. It’s crazy that the weather in NY forces you inside half the year and super humid hot miserable another quarter of the year. I love NY and it’s a great place to visit, but it no longer made sense for me to be there., but she was also going through some health issues that she’s finally opening up about.

Nearby restaurants include Jade Garden, Dee's Cookie Connection and Cafe Roma.Last June, Lauren had some mild blindness that began bothering her during a trip to San Diego, which set off a series of events that ended in her being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.“I was driving and all of the sudden — you know when you wake up and you have a thing in your eye? This is not removable — there is something in my eye,'” Lauren said.You get it out eventually, but you know when it makes your eye cloudy? “The next day it was worse and I’m always the one in the family that they think is a hypochondriac.Hopefully that’ll go away altogether but you never know.”Lauren is on a regular medication that she injects every morning (“Thank God I don’t mind needles,” she said) and that other episodes have been very mild, including dull aches and fatigue.“I’m functioning and I’m fine,” she said.“I’ve been doing this since July and I’ve been doing fine.

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