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But Diggs rightly demands that it’s time folks stop denying that his son is, ultimately, as much white as he is black.Or, perhaps, even more so — I know from personal experience.Saying he was “black” — no matter the half-truth — made it easier for Americans of all colors to contend with his historic candidacy.And with (sadly) none of his white family at his side to muddle the message, Obama’s “all-black” narrative was easy to maintain.For the first four decades of my life I assumed my genes were equally derived from my white Jewish mother and African-American dad.Sure, like most black families, we knew history had “whitened” my father’s blood line.Progressives of all colors insist they respect the right to ethnic self-determination — but that respect seems to wane when it comes to being biracial.

Rather, he’s demanding his boy be allowed to claim what is merely a biological fact.

But the results did upend many of the racial preconceptions that had guided my life, causing me — like Diggs — to further question the very notion of racial categorization itself.

Critics of Diggs have dismissed the actor as attempting to “deny” his sons’ blackness, which is both simplistic and untrue.

The test’s results ranged from the obvious — a predisposition for myopia and overeating — to the startling.

For it turns out that genetically, at least, I’m actually 50 percent “more” white than black — 39.1 percent “Sub-Saharan African,” to be precise, compared to 59.1 percent “European.” My mom’s line, as expected, is pretty pure — virtually 100 percent Ashkenazi Jewish.

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