Whos dating emily osment

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"Gabi is on a double date with him, Josh and Josh's date, and we find out he lives in his car." As it turns out, Allen was excited AF to join the cast of "Young & Hungry," even if it was only for one episode.

"He had been tweeting me like crazy trying to get on 'Young & Hungry,'" Osment told us. Keegan and I are friends, and I think somebody at ABC Family made the magic happen, and the next week, he was on the show.

(You know, other than the fact Gabi clearly has feelings for Josh.) "It's a very interesting triangle," Osment told MTV News.

"Because everybody knows how Josh feels about Gabi, except for Gabi.

When "Young & Hungry" returns with its second season (March 25), it will pick up the day after Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) broke things off with his terrible fiancée Caroline -- and hooked up with that random blonde who Gabi (Emily Osment).

Meanwhile, Cooper (Jesse Mc Cartney) and Gabi will face a major hurdle in their newly rekindled romance.

It's a crazy scene." Fans can also expect more physical comedy this season on "Hungry," which Osment undoubtedly excels at.

"That's always my favorite part of comedy," she said.

He’s a completely opposite character from Josh, and it makes you wonder which guy would really be best for her."ABC Family is definitely trying to up the age demographic that they're going for. I really appreciate that because I do feel like 'Young & Hungry' is for an older audience, and it deals with issues that people in the 20s go through -- heartbreak and sex and pot.We touch on all of it." Everyone can find something to relate to in Gabi's journey, even Osment herself.And the series will only continue to push the limits even more in its sophomore season, especially with Josh living his best life as an uber-rich, single bachelor."We just a new promo for the network, it was all very adult," Osment told us.

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