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Both of which are nearly impossible to find in this broken world.Let me give you some examples from my own personal experiences.For example, Christians who hold signs saying “God hates fags” are a prime example of hypochristians.Rather than showing the world that God loves them, they spread the idea that God is hate, which is the total opposite of the Bible, as it clearly states that God is love. While some people act as kind-hearted and devoted Christians in the beginning of relationships, the hypochristians will fool you every time.One guy that I was talking to was absolutely beautiful.Ladies, have you ever seen a man and in your head you think, "There’s no way in heck that this guy would even give me a second glance!? I talked to him for a couple weeks to find that he was what my friends and I like to call a “sexual demon.” This is just a nickname for guys who like to have a lot of sex in relationships, or are just extremely horny.Just because some people claim to follow God, it does not mean that they follow Him rightly, contrary to unpopular belief.

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Now, being a devoted Christian means waiting, and in real life, if you tell a guy to wait around two to four years until you can have sex repeatedly for the rest of your lives on various kitchen counters and basement floors (weird, but roll with it), they look at you like you need mental help or have no sexuality at all, which is totally false. You think I want to tell a hot, beautiful man like yourself to wait until marriage, knowing more than likely he’s going to peace out? And let’s face it, most hot men are not the Christian type.

As I’ve witnessed over the years, some of the most kind and forgiving Christians tend to trap themselves in relationships that are emotionally abusive, with their kindness being taken advantage of constantly.

The sadness of witnessing a sweet Godly man or woman who deserves so much more being taken advantage of is yet another reason why this Christian dating thing sucks.

By deceiving themselves to be following God, they also deceive their spouse with the cruelest of actions which include often cheating or lying to their spouse.

In the end, they’ll never admit their wrongs, but will continue to sing the loudest in church.

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