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More often than not if your attempting to down the healers on the backline you will get focused down relatively quickly.

For this reason, I take the increased generated rage in the hopes of dealing significantly more damager over shorter periods of time.

This is the most effecient way of deliverying your most powerful abilities.

#showtooltop Battle Cry /cast Battle Cry /cast Blood Fury (Orc Specific) /cast Avatar /use Saltwater Potion This may change depending on your talent choices. You can purchase them from the pvp vendors in Dalaran for x1 Mark of Honor They provide 30% increased damage for 12 seconds which is super powerful.

If, however you are partnered up with a healer or for whatever reason you feel like you won’t be targeted as much I would suggest going with War Machine.

If you are struggling with survivability this is definitely a great solution If, however you don’t feel you need the extra survivability but instead need extra mobility Barbarian is a great alternative.

Providing an additional 20% increased damage over a 20 second period is crazy when coupled with the rest of your burst rotation. If your struggling to stay alive I would suggest picked either Furious Charge or Warpaint.

Additionally, it will remove all roots & snares when the ability is activated. If you are lacking the mobility to catch those pesky mages Bounding Stride will benefit you greatly. Giving you an additional 10% damage whenever you reach 100 rage is essential when contributing to your burst window.

The longer your Enrage passive is active the more overall damage you can dish out.

Endless Rage is the optimal choice here if your running BG's without a healer.

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