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These cases are not rare, but they did not dominate the daguerreotype market, probably due to price.A thermoplastic case is recognized by its smooth plastic-like surface, one-piece construction (of each half) and brass hinges connecting the two halves.Usually the image, mat, and glass were then taped together around the edges.

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Dating Old Army Photographs This book aims to help with the dating of army photographs from the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th.They changed significantly about three different times, with lesser evolutions along the way. The earliest ones had a 'pebble-like' texture, and were usually octagon or oval up to about 1845.About this time the finish was a little nicer, having a 'sandy' texture. These included the nonpareil, acorn, elliptical, double elliptical, and some other variations.Early preservers were fairly plain, usually adorned with simple patterns.The preserver was prone to breaking at the corners.

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