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Even if the divorce was your idea, it takes time to heal, grieve, and eventually…move on. If you skip it, what will likely happen is not pretty…Which of those choices spells something worthy of wonderful you? Those are situations that are product of a rushed decision that was fueled by fear and hurt. About Debra Kun: As a catalyst for deliberate change, Debra Kunz is an executive coach, inspiring speaker and the award-winning author of the personal enrichment book Love is Blind Only if You Are: A Woman’s Clear-Headed Guide to Deliberate Dating. Suzy developed Midlife Divorce Recovery as a safe refuge for people healing and surviving the overwhelm of divorce.

Debra Kunz's appeared on the FOX 4 Morning Show with her new book.

Finding the confidence to follow your heart can be an uphill battle for many people.

Our 10 Best Blogs for Dating Courage were selected for how well they explore issues from awkwardness and being shy, to helping people find their best dating identity.

You may be experiencing all of these emotions, and more, as you consider dating after divorce. Not every man deserves a chance, and not every man will be a match for you either.

Dealing with and releasing your emotional clutter is crucial to reaching the point where you are truly ready to move on, without any nagging feelings of anger, hurt and resentment. Dating takes courage – the courage to try, to risk, the courage to believe it could work out, and the courage to walk away if it doesn’t.

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