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If somebody offers only 70 per cent of what they’re looking for, they say, ‘Next please.’” Many of her clients are in adrenaline-driven jobs and so “the urgent takes over from the important, and taking time and trouble over relationships falls by the wayside”.She spends much of her time persuading her clients not to reject others too early. It’s not a lot better in the UK, for men as well as women.

I just didn’t know where to go to meet somebody compatible.” All of which means that if you’re over 30, let alone an older divorcee, widow or widower, it no longer seems enough just to sit back and hope that someone will turn up. To meet the need, a host of new social and dating websites, salons, dining clubs and exceedingly discreet, high-end introduction agencies have sprung up.And you shouldn’t meet again too soon after the first meeting.“Let the momentum build up and don’t worry if there is no instant chemistry – it’s much harder to have that instant buzz in an artificial dating system.” Marriage is not always the main objective these days, either.Today, according to James Wallman, a trends forecaster and editor of LS: N Global website, there are more than 800 dating websites in the UK alone, used by more than one in 10 Brits.The biggest in the UK, Match.com, has 5.5m members, and another popular one (no doubt because a friend has to write your profile for the site, thus, we imagine, eliminating the nutters), mysinglefriend.com, has over 1m members.

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