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It means that if you don’t have an account in the social network, you will still be able to use the app without difficulty. Invited can be those whose contacts are saved in the phone book of the gadget as well as in Odnoklassniki and VK accounts.Besides, you can send invitations even to those who don’t use Jam.

BOMBSHELLS: HELL' S BELLES is a fast-paced aerial combat game.

The programming language used on the site is Java and the main language used for the site's textual content is Russian. In February 2008, British company I-CD accused Albert Popkov of violating their copyright.

According to I-CD, Albert Popkov as an employee of I-CD worked on their projects 192and Passado until his resignation in November 2005.

For your convenience, here's our review on the original English version.

For your convenience, you can read our original review on the English one below: Glad... they seem random muttered words, but when are put together, well, you have a word game then, and a nice way to start this bloody review and catch your attention,…. Keeping up Glu's policy of localize every game of theirs, this is the Russian version of Death Dome.

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