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In fact, they became really intimate through the drama and can call each other as a friend.However, Mang Bungs smelled something, and decided they were in a relationship.Jun Su and Ha Ni’s agencies confirmed the relationship quickly after the news.(EXO) Kai from EXO and Krystal from f(x) have confirmed their relationship after rumors of secret dates, saying they became lovers after being ‘close friends.’ These two are label-mates, housed under SM Entertainment, and both were born in 1994.They are both young and good looking, so the photos in which they are together can be confused as a photo of a real couple although they are all composite pictures made by Mang Bungs.Also, their same regional background as Gyeong Sang Do makes Mang Bungs to determine about their belief more.After rumors began swirling online that the hallyu stars had been in dating for a year, their entertainment company, Key East, quickly told the media the truth.

By admiring our 4 favorite celebrity couples of course!They have known each other for about 10 years, having met in 2007 as trainees, and their romantic relationship reportedly began this spring.The celebrity couple rumors also are always sniffing around them.Mang Bung is like the one, but investigates about fiction; the idols’ love story is absolutely based on Mang Bung’s delusion.Mang Bungs are determined to believe their speculation is true.

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