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Apps solve many problems — many of which you didn’t even realise were problems to begin with.They streamline your life, preclude boredom on the most tedious of commutes and direct you from A to B in the strangest of cities. And especially, they are not an adequate substitute for independent thought, intelligence or ethics — the machines haven’t risen yet.The action came as the state legislature rushed toward scheduled adjournment, and as universities around the country are under pressure to improve handling of allegations of sexual assault.Some critics of the bill say the legislation is overreaching and sends universities into murky, unfamiliar legal waters.“You reach for your phone, you flick the button, show the screen to the person you’re with and a policeman appears. No means no.’ This video is also encrypted and saved in the cloud.” I suggest that this scenario seems unlikely.I also make the point that for various reasons, you might not be able to use your phone. For him, the point is to create a conversation around rape and “unwanted sexual encounters”.,'' wrote Gordon Finley, an adviser to the group and professor emeritus of psychology at Florida International University.

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We’re not looking for anything instant — you can’t do anything instant.

'survivors') and likewise presumes the guilt of accused (virtually all men).

This is nice for the accusers – both false accusers as well as true accusers — but what about the due process rights of the accused?

The proposal requires all colleges taking student financial aid funding from the state to agree that in investigations of campus sexual assaults, silence or lack of resistance does not imply a green light for sex, and that drunkenness is not an acceptable defense, the San Jose Mercury-News reported earlier in August. Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles, a Democrat."With this measure, we will lead the nation in bringing standards and protocols across the board so we can create an environment that's healthy, that's conducive for all students, not just for women, but for young men as well too, so young men can develop healthy patterns and boundaries as they age with the opposite sex," de Leon said before the vote.

In anticipation of the legislature's approval, the National Coalition for Men, a non-profit group based in San Diego, posted on its website last week an article urging Brown to veto the legislation."It is tragically clear that this campus rape crusade bill presumes the veracity of accusers (a.k.a.

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