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Of those five, Nigeria accounts for 11 percent of all deaths [].

For Nigeria to meet the Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG4), the country must attain a two-thirds reduction in the under-five mortality rate from 230 deaths per 1000 live births in 1990 to 76 in 2015.

The operations research study examined the effect of facility-based ORT corners on caregivers’ knowledge and skills in management of simple and moderate diarrhea at home, as well as caregivers’ and service providers’ perceived facilitators and barriers to utilization and delivering of ORT corner services.

It also examined whether ORT activities were conducted according to the established protocols.

The study revealed that ORT corner users were more knowledgeable in diarrhea prevention and management and demonstrated better skills for managing diarrhea at home than ORT corner non-users.

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Based on providers’ availability, we surveyed one provider from each of the selected ORT corners and one provider from each of the health facilities where ORT corners were located.

ORT corner providers identified a lack of supplies as the major barrier for providing services.

Furthermore, the study revealed a lack of information, education and communication materials, supportive supervision, and protocols and guidelines for delivering ORT corner services, as well as inadequate documentation of services provided at ORT corners.

Recommendations for ORT corners program planners and implementers include ensuring all ORT corners have oral rehydration salt (ORS) packages and salt, sugar, and zinc tablets in stock, a secured commodity supply chain to avoid stockouts, and adequate policies and procedures in place.

Recent mortality estimates among children under five years old show that just five countries account for 50 percent of global mortalities.

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