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Weirdo NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson was a natural for television even before he legally changed his name to Chad Ochocinco (after his “85” jersey number) in 2008.During the 2010 season, Johnson and his drama-queen WR teammate Terrell Owens hosted “The T. The talk-show format seemed tailor-made for the two extroverts, but it was utterly unwatchable for the one season it aired. Years before Dennis Rodman became the United States’ unofficial goodwill ambassador to North Korea, the NBA Hall of Famer hosted “The Rodman World Tour” on MTV.The show featured Rodman interviewing celebrities from his bed, hanging out with rock stars like Henry Rollins and generally behaving like the goofball that he is.It only lasted one season, but you can (and should) find excerpts on You Tube.With NFL Films running the show, it’s a top-notch production in every regard — from the game footage down to the individual stories of rookies, veterans and camp invitees desperately battling for one of the team’s final roster spots (spoiler: They almost always get cut).It can be difficult convincing teams to give close-to-unfettered access to “Hard Knocks,” but on the viewers’ end at least, the drama is always worth it.The modern reality show craze began in 1992 with the premiere of MTV's "The Real World," which stood out for its masterfully shot and produced depiction of "regular" 20-somethings struggling to make their way as they leave high school or college behind.

Of course, there are going to be famous professional athletes on it.ABC somehow got five seasons out of “The Mole” despite the show never being particularly popular, which means it of course trotted out a “celebrity” version to hopefully goose ratings.The third season of the reality show competition — in which contestants try to complete tasks while being sabotaged by one member of the team, aka “The Mole” — was hosted by former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Ahmad Rashād but did not feature any celebrity contestants.Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson gave it a go in the 2010 Nicaragua season but only lasted a paltry eight days.Jeff Kent, the 2000 National League MVP, former Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker and NBA player Cliff Robinson are some other athletes who’ve hit the island.

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