Avoiding dating players online

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If you truly believe he is attracted to you then he probably is, they are not a sign to keep their feelings/desires bottled up. Because of this intense passion, the scorpio male is not likely to give his love/affection to just anyone.

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I don't understand i know he is interested he stares and acts a lil different around me , but he won't do anything. Once you have shown him that you are interested he will reciprocate. Being straightforward about what you want is something no scorpio man can resist, or respect at least. you wont be upset if you truly believe he has feelings for you. I recently reconnected with a classmate whom i havent seen in 20 yrs.is a scorpio and im a sag girl.have been talking for about 2 months lives about an hour from me but we text and talk almost everyday.recently became intimate for the first time and after about 3 days the communication has waned.actually disappointed in this for he seems to be very frank and up front about things..i thought we had a great connection and didnt see this coming.he just taking time to assess the situation?

Male scorpios are driven by passion and passion alone, in all aspects of life, most commonly love/relationships.

there is definitely an attraction but im wondering what changed? We have this great connection when he stares into my eyes and makes me a bit nervous.

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“I don’t think it’s been off the charts, certainly number-wise, but we had some big plays,” Reich said.

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