Dating old beer bottles

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These later bottles are the ones that are the most collectible today – especially local bottles for local collectors. This bottle would sell for over a 1000.00 if found in perfect condition.

Caution as other “Midland” bottles exist (UK USA and probably others from other Midland cities – the rare local one is from F.

Since the process of blowing includes rotating the piece of molten glass, you can often (not always) recognize some circular patterns in the glass that result from the rotation.

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dating old beer bottles-37

a vintage bottle of george gales prize old ale the back of the bottle is impressed: g. All major credit cards accepted through the secure verified Pay Pal payment system. VERY OLD HEAVY GREEN GLASS 1/2 PINT BOTTLE WITH awesome collectible but i am having a massive clear out and unfortunately decided to get rid of these.. 2nice m knotts bottles from north shields good condition the stone bottle has 2 unusual what look like makers faults as shown in photos.

Glass bottles were preferred as the clear liquid would allow the consumer to see if the liquid was clean and also the benefit of stoneware for keeping liquids cool wasn’t as necessary anymore with new age refrigeration.

Pre 1880’s were made with little more than the bottler’s name and often just a blank bottle .

The modern bottles are often not as heavy anymore as they were like until the 1960ies, and in my opinion the color of the glass also has gone to the brighter side.

There are two main shapes of bottles: Burgundy-shaped bottles and Bordeaux-type bottles, the latter often with a little bulge in the bottle neck.

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