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Since the 1970s the diet of the Eskimo has contained high levels of toxic, organic pollutants and heavy metals.

These lipophilic chemicals are attracted to and concentrated in the fatty-tissues of land and sea animals.

The omega-3 fish fats were noted as the miracle ingredient providing protection.

Dietetic and medical experts have uncritically accepted this theory in the face of libraries filled with incriminating evidence to the contrary.

which is found in about 12% of older Eskimos; a result of eating raw and infected walrus, seal, and polar bear meat.

In most cases this parasite infestation causes no symptoms, but illness and death can result.

Early reports describe these people as looking beautiful and athletic when they were young, but then they aged quickly, and "men and women who appeared to be 60 or over were rare." Rumors have since circulated that traditional Eskimos have lived free of heart disease, cancer, and most other chronic diseases affecting western civilizations these days.

Alaskan Eskimos older than age 40 have been found to have a 10% to 15% greater deficit in bone mineral density compared to Caucasians in the US.

And in the summer season people gathered a few plant foods such as berries, grasses, tubers, roots, stems, and seaweeds.

Frozen snow-covered lands were unfit for the cultivation of plants.

These hardy people survived living at the edge of the nutritional envelope, but not in good health.

Here are some of the health costs they paid: Claims that Eskimos were free of heart (artery) disease are untrue.

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