How to handle dating someone with a child

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I was growing up at a rapid rate as parenting had forced me to do and she was growing at an alarming rate too because that’s what babies do. Continue reading for 10 of the things I learned or wish I learned while test-driving with a child. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you have to settle or accept whatever is being thrown at you.I learned this when I made the decision to move on from my first marriage; I decided I wanted more for my child and more for myself. The right person will know a good package deal when they see one. You deserve love and respect and so do your children.Oftentimes when you first date someone they show you their best self and as they get more and more comfortable you get to see another side of them that they may not have shown you before.You want someone to love you for who you really are and not for the person they think you are.It will save you and your children heartbreak down the road. Handsome your children are your priority and the person you are dating needs to understand that.When we were dating we often went on late dinner dates so I could read bedtime stories and put my daughter to bed.According to a video I recently watched, dating is like test-driving a car; at least that’s how men look at it anyway.You test-drive a car to see how it works and how you like it.

She was one and me 21, turning 22, and in a sense we both were babies. The reality is I made the choices I made and the fall out behind them was tough and painful but in it I became stronger than ever and got to be mommy to the most amazing little person.

I was fearful that she would become attached to the person I was with.

We were dating for many months before he went out on an outing with the both of us.

At the time, it felt so long but looking back I feel like it was the perfect amount of time. While it is hard to make the decisions such as how much time you want to invest in a relationship before things become official; it’s important to give it some thought.

With regards to my own situation, being together so long made the transition of mommy’s friend to mommy’s boyfriend to mommy’s fiancé to daddy (something she began doing on her own) to mommy’s husband much easier. Your past does not define you but it did help shape you and had a huge impact on the person you are today.

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