Most intimidating birds in sports 80210 dating

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One of the best-known and most widely-distributed birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere, the golden eagle is a huge raptor reaching up to 2.34 m (7 ft 8 in) in wingspan.

For centuries, this species has been one of the most highly regarded birds used in falconry, with the Eurasian subspecies having been used to hunt and kill prey as large as as gray wolves.

The bird can be recognized by its unusually long, narrow wings and long, wedge-shaped tail.

The bearded vulture is a scavenger with very strong acid in its stomach (estimated to be of p H about 1), which enables it to digest even large bones.

Found in the Andes Mountains and adjacent Pacific Coasts of South America, the Andean condor is the largest flying bird in the world by combined measurement of weight and wingspan.

Due to its excellent hunting prowess, the bird is regarded with great mystic reverence in some tribal cultures.

With a wingspan of up to 190 cm (6 ft 3 in), the Eurasian eagle-owl is sometimes referred to as the world’s largest owl.

Found in open and semi-open habitats of sub-Saharan Africa, the martial eagle is a very large eagle, with an average length of up to 96 cm (38 in), weight of up to 6.2 kg (13.7 lb) and a wingspan of up to 260 cm (8 ft, 6 in).

Feeding on anything from other birds to lizards and even big and dangerous snakes including the black mamba, the martial eagle is one of the world’s most powerful avian predators.

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