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Now that you have your goals in mind, let's turn the tables and talk about those sneaky negative thoughts that have been holding you back from creating videos until now. What devises do you already have that can record video? It's not enough to just casually do a few Face Time calls.

You see, when you bring those negative thoughts into the light of day, they immediately lose their power. Instead, practice, practice, and practice some more. In this video I'll show you all the ways you are already video-ready! That's not the Now you may think that you need lots of expensive equipment to get started filming amazing, business-building videos. In this article, I will walk you through my personal tips and tricks to get the most impressive images and sound from the devises that you likely already own, using video in situations you likely encounter!

They become hungry for more of that good energy and inspired teaching.

They feel connected to you and inspired to KEEP WATCHING. This video will teach you my secret to letting your self-consciousness disappear so you can focus on the person you are speaking to..the other side of the lens. I read that Annie Leibovitz, the famous American photographer, recommended the i Phone as her favorite everyday camera. We are living in the golden age of recording ourselves. You'll need that enthusiasm to keep you motivated as you create INTENTIONAL opportunities to practice.

Take your time considering all the incredible options there are to: Now that you have got your creative juices flowing, go ahead and WRITE DOWN your video goals. ) you will keep your eye on the prize as you learn how to be confident, calm and charismatic on camera.

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In a few short hours, I will show you how easy it is to share your BEST SELF on camera. I can't wait to get started with my adventure in online video presentation. " - Terry"Alexa is wonderfully engaging, knowledgeable, clear, interesting and relevant. But the really cool thing about her is that she totally walks her talk, demonstrating with every word and gesture, with the lighting and sound, with her warmth and energy, what she's teaching in the course.

See for yourself how it will change the way you deliver your content.

Ultimately it's up to you to find the place where you feel most comfortable.

Remember, what you focus on Excited by what we have covered so far? When you get a video link, don't you check how long it is before you hit play? You can tap into the power of: The skills are the same and when you practice the techniques in low-stakes situations, you are building your on-camera confidence.

No need to wait until you're making your marketing videos or your course content. When it comes to video creation, planning your material is critical.

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