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The police mustn’t only investigate the people who are allegedly involved in the sex chat but also those who spread them."If we see the law construction, the person who produces and distribute them is the one that has to be investigated."Yes, we’re looking for the person who spread the content, because uploading pornography content violates the ITE Law," said the Jakarta Police spokesperson Argo Yuwono, Wednesday (17/5).Previously, Firza Husein’s lawyer Aziz Yanuar said the police should look into the person who uploaded the content in ‘baladacintarizieq’ website.Kampung Chat kini mempunyai pertambahan user yang meningkat dan terus meningkat. Kekadang jikalau aku dah tak tau sangat apa nak buat, aku akan mengambil LRT dan merayau2 sekitar bandar Kuala Lumpur.there are alot of reg's here you can talk about the most boringest things but make them exiting so come in have fun and say hi to me if you want...Want to meet new people or find out what your buddies are up to?

I always have a laugh in there thats a reason why you could say i'm addicted to it Dan is fun too when he come's in he makes me laugh my socks off.We work with a wide range of chemicals, metals & alloys as well as polymeric materials (rubbers and plastics).Formed in 1998, Edotek works for clients ranging from very small start-up companies through to major organisations like the UK Ministry of Defence and the European Space Agency.Invite your friends to your room or host your own party and meet new People! Kampung Chat dibangunkan pada tahun 2002 merupakan sebuah IRC Network yang kecil dan sederhana.

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