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These new rifles begin their serial number range with 580-00001.

While some models are made for export in .222 only, most Mini’s will shoot either 5.56x45mm NATO or .223 Remington.

These features ratchet up the weight to 9.5-pounds but trades hyper accuracy for the sacrifice.

Ammunition platform changes have also produced the 7.62x39mm Mini-30 variant and the 6.8mm Remington SPC chambered Mini 6-8 models that keep the same profile as their classic .223 half-brothers.

Unfortunately, few military contracts appeared and the Bermuda Defense Force, the French Gendarme, and a few others only officially use the Ruger.

The Ruger Mini-14GB, basically a standard semi-automatic Mini with the addition of the AC-556’s front sight, flash suppressor, and optional folding stock, was marketed to police forces worldwide in the 1980s.

The size of Ruger’s small carbine also favored comparably to the classic.

One of the other weapons he worked on, and one that shows elements of all of these designs was the Ruger Mini-14.The rifle, however, still fires from a closed bolt and as such can have a cook-off if fired for sustained periods and left with a round in the chamber.AC-556 is slightly longer to accommodate the select fire sear inside the small receiver of the Mini-14 design.Typical weight was 6.75 pounds, with a 28-inch overall length.In fact, Ruger was so taken with the design he later said that “I have often said—and I know I am correct here—if we had brought the Mini-14 out five years earlier it would have become the standard Army rifle.” The first 1,000 or so Mini-14s were manufactured in Southport Connecticut though production was then moved to Newport, New Hampshire.

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